More sun please.

I’ve had many health epiphanies during my adult life, but none as profound as finding Dr. Kruse and his theories on the importance of light in our lives.

His ideas have changed my life and I am now cursed (read blessed) to figure out how to limit man-made light, or alien light, and to increase natural sunlight. This is easier said then done. In the following several posts, I will attempt to share some my life hacks I’ve found to get more sun.

The biggest problem I’ve had is productivity. I’m a mom and work full-time. I can’t just lounge in front of the sun all day. Honestly, sitting around doing nothing would drive me crazy none the less. I need purpose. So I share with you two devices that allow me to get things done in the sun.

First game changer is a hands-free stand that holds a phone, tablet, or e-reader so you can lay on your back soak in the rays while reading. There are many different versions on Amazon but I settled on this one for $50. It seems to be built well enough for what I need and I’ll share an update if it fails.

While the stand can hold a phone or tablet, the second part of this solar exposure equation is to use an e-reader or e-notebook. This is because the screens emit hardly any light so you can use them in all conditions without messing with your light exposure. Though more expensive, I am a nerd and was recently in grad school, so I went for an e-notebook. The one pictured above is the SuperNote. I can not say enough good things about the notebook or the software team behind it. They are always releasing updates making the product more versatile and with additional features.






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