Centralized life is killing you: learn how to bring yourself back to the source

I present to you a resource for those who seek natural living but are constrained by modern day work and life.

We all feel drawn down certain paths in life. This is one of them which has been calling my name for some time. What I am seeking is the truth about our health and how we can live to be in sync with nature. I have not always lived that way and so I pay the consequences. This brings me here to see how I can bring natural energy sources into my life to optimize my health and abilities.

Ultimately, the truth is that your body was meant to be in a state of health. Yet, modern living and medicine has made us sicker then ever before. If you feel like something is wrong, or off, I hope my journey can inspire you to take steps towards better health and control over your well-being. We all have the power to take our lives into our own hands and by making small changes we are taking our first steps on the right path.

  • More sun please.

    I’ve had many health epiphanies during my adult life, but none as profound as finding Dr. Kruse and his theories on the importance of light in our lives. His ideas have changed my life and I am now cursed (read blessed) to figure out how to limit man-made light, or alien light, and to increase…